Monday, June 14, 2010

Dont misunderstood my dear ...

Gosh ~ I purposely use my Macbook Pro *i hate it* (coz until now i haven't even have the chance to go home yet) to write this blog just to cheer some of my girl friends up =~~~~~~) They thought i dont wanna reply them and dont care about them suddenly *NOOOOOOOOO*

Girl ah, jie didn't reply or call last few days was because :
1. Jie forgot to bring jie's charger and world cup is starting so i cant risks my phone going outta battery coz if anything goes wrong at jie's mamak, then my workers couldn' reach jie already.
2. Jie is overseas. Jie will reply once jie's back to Malaysia.

Jie didn't reply until just now is because :
My first 24 hours since i've landed, jie have to :
1. Attend my friend's cafe opening
2. Get some world cup arrangements done for my mamak
3. Collect some stuff, and buy some stuff *urgently*
4. Choose tiles for my new home
5. Call up for a meeting and decide few of my new house's area by TODAY.
6. Rush everything through so that i can have a free day this weekend
7. Accompany my hubby watch world cup *and i am so darn tired already but tahan tahan juu lei watch because jie sayang him alot*
8. Wait and sign for my furnitures that arrived from my freight TODAY and they called me up at 7am in the morning where i only slept at 5am *!&$*!#&%(!#$*

Dear, jie dont even have time to go home and change until now. Im wearing my fan gao sam running all over the town *my god*

So, no worries. Im back =) Will reply and call you girls as soon as i got all my things sorted out. I also hope that i have more free time but because recent few months i've been overseas most of the time so alot of things need to be sorted out. Plus, WORLD CUP IS HERE ~~~ And i run a mamak. That's double work for me.

I missed you girls badly and i hope that you dont take it too personally. It hurts me when i read all your messages. Coz in my heart, you girls are always very understanding =) And you should know i always care =) muacks ~

So dont luen luen think lah. Jie phone no battery nia. If jie upsets you jie's sorry loh *love love* sayang back =) kiss kiss =) hehe

Always loving you girls .... Leng Yein jie


bluecherry said...

ppl who reponsible will never let some1 worry macam jie~ **)

girl's said...

u're so caring^^

Leng Yein said...

bluecherry : =)

Leng Yein said...

girl's : You know, girl. Jie didn't reply they thought jie give up on them u know ... aih ~ Sad loh they think like that. 1 sms nia ... adoh !

calebmatrix said...

Wow....amazing what u really write for ya fans n friends

Elle said...

whoa.. you are so cute.. apologizing to your friends.. hehe..

Benedicta*C_J said...

it's great tat u really jaga their hati ow...such a good friend. :)..

~sPidEr~ said...

hahaha~ dun worry..i'm alwiz so patient to wait for ur reply~ so thus apa macam??

283 said...

haha~jie dun worry lor..
i wont b tat..Lol xD
juz hope jie will take gd care..
den juz enuf lur :)
giv jie a big big hug \^^/

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