Wednesday, June 02, 2010

4D3N in Perth

Welcome to Perth ...

Went for a short trip. Stayed in Parmelia Hilton and the room was not bad. Service is good. I went alone so i got the queen suite for safety and convenience. I wont be in the hotel for the whole day anyway *teehee* So, here's how it looked like.

The lobby

My Queen Room ( a class lower from the presidential suite but i dont know why the colour matching seemed all so wrong )

Visited my friend who stay by the seaside *ooOooOoo* and by a cute windmill looking building. Hmm ... never care to ask coz was too tired =)

Arrived on top of King's Park but it's quite hot that day so malas to lye on the green green grass 

The DNA Tower. I find it quite interesting =)

The War Memorial

And of course, the main purpose of coming all the way up here ... View from King's Park - The City of Perth.

Makan makan at a beautiful restaurant on top ofthe hill. Food was expensive and doesn't taste good. @_@

Drove to Bathers Beach

If u're free, try this. It's kinda cool =)

View of Cottesloe Beach. The fish&chips by the seaside restaurant taste good =)

Some tower along the Mosman Beach before heading towards the Fremantle dock. Stopped to take a picture of it coz the design was quite modern. 

 Try the cocktails from the Hilton's bar. My friend told me the mix is good.

Wheels of Perth
Bell of Perth
Went up King's Park again as there's nothing much to do in Perth.
OoOOoo ... looks like it's gonna rain. Better go back hotel loh !
The lap pool owez empty geh. So if u happen to come to Perth, remember to bring an extra pair of slippers + bikini oh =)
Restaurant got termidor cheese lobster geh. Taste good too =)

Well, as u can see i didn't take alot of picture because i forgot to bring my camera charger *Aduh* must save save battery + Perth is quite a boring place. Shopping is totally out, food so-so. But it's quite laid back and relaxing if u wanna have some time of and relax ur mind. I heard the nightlife is happening but im not a night person so i cant actually tell you what it's like.

Well, the conclusion is ... If i ever go Aussie again, definitely it wont be Perth. Hehe =)

Night night everyone. I haven't been sleeping for 2 days now feeling abit @_@|||.  Need to ZZzZZzZzzzZz for awhile. Will update very soon. Just need few hours of short nap to refresh myself. My body is playing boxing game with me now. Teehee.

Night night everyone. Have a nice evening =)


Maco Lee said...

leng yein...i wan to in perth the shoes izit alot more choice than malaysia?

Leng Yein said...

Ya, can say so. I think it's at the junction of (gosh, what's the street's name liao) Malaysia geh Gucci dont really stock in shoes but Australia de price seemed higher woh i heard. Jie dont have alot of Gucci'ssss so jie dont really study the price different for this brand.

Bi_Bi said...

wow nice 2 meet u here again....owes viewing ur pic by fb^^ hehe all pic leng leng geh*** nice trip enjoying=))

Leng Yein said...

Bi Bi : AwwWww...muacks muacks darling =) hehe ~ Thanks for dropping by ah ~ jie so happi oh ~ jie newbie here =)

Maco Lee said...

Yalah...malaysia gucci shoes alot design don have stock...even classic also very less...sigh!!!

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