Sunday, June 09, 2013

What i learn in a year

Its the end of my new life,new environment,new line,new friends,new home,new challenges,great old 2006 ~! A soon to come new life,new challenges,new friends,new problems … see , one thing about life is,it’s like a donut, like i always tells my frens,it goes around…
U either hate it,or the other way round,like it,but when u happen to understand it,u gonna face it regardless of u liking or hating it.Sad or happy,up or down,its totally up to u urself.there’s never a need to regret,put it this way to feel better,u learn from what u call mistakes.Hey,we’re young eh,no?then y r u still playing friendster? See ?
2006 leaves a great impact n experiences in my life,i’ll never forget this year … everything changes,my life,my job,my views… but im happy tat for everything that had happen in such sudden,i now ended up having my own life here - right in the center of KL . im happy , n i want all of u to be happy too …
Its been months since i last wrote my blog , im really thankful whenever i saw messages regarding my bloggging . Im aint famous blogger , but thanks to YOU , who took ur time reading each n every letter that i type .
Met alot of girls n left them my number , telling me problems from boyfriends to family to everything , surgery , medication , lifestyle … its good to gather together n talk , i love talking … i learn alot from them , reminding myself of my own problems , my past experience , n never forgets how it became n changed things all over , how good n bad times r … ppl always ask me to forget the past, but im like a rock i never tolerate this advice . coz i love to remember every single details so tat i’ll learn from it n carry a better view walking down my path ….
Im happy tat i’ve met almost every new fren of mine n find them good ppl . Back in my hometown , most of the ppl who knows me (by name) coz i grew up there love to backstab alot , try to ask ur frens in kuantan of me , u’ll know what i mean . as though they’re my twins ,, they even can tell u things about me which even me myself doesnt know that . haha ~ they are so cute , i wonder if the circus would love to hire them … clown ~! but all my new frens here , yes ‘YOU’ ~! they are so sincere , everyone is so humble , so down to earth , so patient . And one very important quality , they are very understanding . I love people who respects others …. n i find alot of people in town who actually cares for others , the elderly , the needy , the down ones with problems …
I’ve met different walks of life n i notice a very big difference n i simplified all of them n class them into 2 kinds . The End & The Forever .
People who try to hard to impress me saying how rich how famous how many ppl call them how many ppl like them what present or message they get from girls how busy they are how high class they are how successful they are how knowledgeble they are how good they are how kind they are how many house they have what car they drive how many famous ppl they know how big their house r how fast they drift their carcar how cheap this girl is how expensive his watch is when they r gonna get married how many choices of girls they have how many annoying girls texting them how sweet they are to their Ex’s when did they last made out when did he last text or call a girl n when did i actually tell u im interested in all of these above ? Come on , u think by telling me how cheap this girl is texting u impresses me ? Chill out man , why on earth is that girl KEEP texting u IF u didnt text her some sweet things beforehand . u think we’re stupid ? Respect the girls man , u know what im saying ? If i keep telling me the girls r annoying , please remind urself that i’ll not text u coz u might show this to other girls telling them the same thing too . Turn it around , ur gf doesnt want the cute guy overthere to know she’s attached.U text her saying u miss ur baby so much,she show ur sms to the cute guy,u’re dumbo,u dont know.How’s that?Sweet ? This is what u r doing lah brother ~ Im a pain in ur butt yes surely i agree , but its an advice , things r going around babe , one day it’ll U-turn n hit u baqck right in front of ur pretty face SMACK!!!
U r a listener n a talker , u know when to stop when to pull out a tissue when to get other a ketchup when to get the bill when to stop n look whether there’s car coming from right or left when is the time to stop texting the girls when is the time to call up n ask whether we’re doing fine when is the best time to cheer us up when is the time to say u r not free coz u have to go n get a christmas card for us when is the time u finish fixing ur carcar n fetch us for mamak when is ur girlfriend coming back n we’ll go swimming together how many true friends u have in a group how many days u didnt call ur mum n ask how she is how many hours u slept how free u r now n how helpful u can be how patient u r and above all , just do everything that u SHOULD do, we’ll do the rest from there … thanks for everything
The fact of THE W’s :
THE FOREVER - Where(the right place), When(the right time), hoW(the right way), What(the right thing), Who(the right click)
THE END - those smart ones who goes W the way they thought it is WE(tat’s never we until WE say it),WANT(what about what We want?),WOMEN(WE r not ur toy),bmW(a kancil can get me to the same destination too),Wisky & Wine (come on la brother,this is never a good excuse to get naughty),Whistle(i pity ur mum coz her baby doesnt know how to respect women),WHY(simple , because WE dont like u), WOW(love the tits? Want me to smack that on ur face till u choke n die,i’ll b likely to do that if ensure that u’ll really die after i do it,my pleasure)
Lessons learned in year 2006 n will b brought forward to year 2007 :
Independant - When u lost everything,u left YOURSELF to fill up missing pieces
Cherish - Heartbreak if THEY never cherish u,its fine,dont b the same like THEM,Do it differently
Respect - Shut up,think,salute,learn n smile,there’s always a lesson to b learn from that someone
Positive - There’s always 2 sides,black n white.Hey,ur life will not b Grey forever lah ~ Think PINK ?
Grateful - Never forget ppl who helped u,even a small favour,be thankful,they’re LITTLE BABY GOD
Appreciate - Ppl dont owe u nothing to lend a hand eh ? So ?
Remember - Ppl who pins u to death or carry u up.Never forgive urself for forgetting either one of them
Care-Less - Their parents didnt educate them the right way,but urs did.So kindly forgive their stupidity
Care-More - Sometimes somethings might even mean nothing at all to u,but it might be so much to them
Step Out - Step aside,its like a watching a movie,scan the details.Step back in.Everything’ll b clear now
Switch - Dont understand why r things going like this?Imagine u r the other party,this way,u’ll know why
Smile - It doesnt cost u a cent,but it has the power to open up the world to u
Time - Every second is precious,Grab every possibilities n live life to the fullest.u cant go back again
Moody - Laugh when u r happy,Cry when u r sad.Hey,u have a heart,rite? U wont get summoned
Learn - U dont have to make mistakes to learn,take others’ mistakes as ur lessons in life,safer this way
Give - A small favour might turned out to b ur future staircase or at least , a ladder
Talk - If u cant find a nice thing to say about someone,dont say anything…rumours starts here !
People - Catagorize them.Give priority to the special ones or they’ll not b special anymore
Think - Dont listen to what majority says.Sit,calm,quiet,feel,relax,recall n do the math
Party - Loose weight,sleeves,depths,length but never loose urself.Know what u r doing.Respect urself
Test - Analyse all data.Listen.No one can get pass ur lie-detection program
Truth - Trust only what u’ve experienced,not what u heard/saw.Things might not b the way it seemed 2b
Help - U’re not the cupid,stop involving urself in other couples problem.Wanna break up,break la~!
Daring - If u dare to do it,dare to admit it. If not, dont do it lah ~
Right / Wrong - There’s never an answer to this.Look n check at all sides all the time.Chill man ~
Bad girls - U dont need them!Lagi dun need to cry n b sad.Karma does exists
Bad boys - When u r rich but old n dying,i’ll b praying for u that u have a good nurse by ur hospital bed =)
Good girls - They have alot to learn from each other,coloring our life n shines the way through
Good guys - I learn alot from them the reason behind the war of opposite sex,n debate ! Haha
Shhh - If that’s ur darkest secret n u duwan anyone to know,dont tell anyone,dont blame others when it leaks,coz u r the one who let it out in the first place
Well , i guess this would probably be my last blog for this year now coz im flying off again.To every beautiful people in this room,may all your best wishes come true n may all the best things in life are shared … May all the days ahead comes with good chances n changes n may all of you stays pink of health all the time ~!


Anonymous said...

may all great thing shower on you from now on :)

Strictlyvinz 磬 said...

Gambateh yea! =)

Anonymous said...

Great old 2006??!??

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