Thursday, June 03, 2010

♥ A warm visit from my besties ♥

My two besties from Kuantan Ah Yee and Ai Lan took 2 days off and came down to KL to look for me. Supposed to bring them out for the whole day kai kai in town but when they arrived my place, they changed their mind. I guess it's better than shopping in town =) hehe

The thing is, I just got back from my shopping trip which lasts more than a month in Europe so it definitely make sense that i'll have to make some space for my new shoes, bags, clothes, etc. Here's what happened. They arrived early in the morning and i brought them to my mamak =) They love my curry and my fried chicken =) Teehee. 

Then, i fetched them home to freshen up before heading to town. They walked into my wardrobe and saw all my stuff and ... They changed their mind. They go through all my dresses, tops, jeans, bags, shoes, shirts, leggings... Wah ! Whatever u can name in ur wardrobe. Even bed sheets =) They say they couldn't find it in Kuantan =) Which is true.

So, i gave them all this ... Teehee.

We're besties for 8 years so it's reasonable that i give them even of my favorite collections =) including my Louis Vuittons, Pradass, Gucciss and Miu Miuss ? Yes.

They didn't bring alot of stuff here coz it's a 2 days trip so their bag is small. I gave them 4 HUGE luggage to fit all this and guess what ? They cant even fit in all the stuff. We ended up stuffing everything into 7 luggages and bags !!! *omg*

Even my wigs *omg* hahaha ~

We spent 1 hour plus stuffing all my goodies into the 7 luggages & some hand-carry bags. We lost count of the actual numbers of stuff i chucked. We sort of counted it *before we lost count* and summed up to this rough figures : Are you ready ? Go. Go. Go.

I'd cleared : 
30++ bags & purses
1 latest arrival of Louis Vuitton purse that i haven't even use once yet for Yee as her upcoming Birthday Present
7 luggages, 
12 sunglasses, 
color contact lenses & liquid,
daily use products,
4 hats, 
28 pairs of heels & boots, 
18 shorts,
4 pairs of jeans, 
200++ tops & dresses, 
3 sets of bed sheets, 
40++ make up items, 
all my OPI nail lacquers *coz i am very lazy lately, 
one full set of eyelash extensions with the supply of eyelash that can lasts the use up to 2 years *coz i bought a thousand lil strands of them <-- so hai me
30++ sweaters and jackets, 
teddy bears, 
2 wigs,
few sets of skin care, 
some slimming products and tea and supplement i got from the sponsors while filming a TV show,
alot alot of accessories ... really alot alot ... hehe ~ got space for my new ear rings liao
hair clips,
hand gloves,
20++ belts,
6 watches,
*gosh, i duno still got what liao*

Well, we're happy besties =) Teehee.

Introducing ... Ah Yee. 

I met Yee 8 years ago when i first started my fashion business in one of Kuantan's shopping mall. She's one of my customers who always visits my shops. She works in one of the hair salon in the shopping mall that im in. We're not close at first but after few month of her visits to my shop, we became friends. After merely 2 years after she knew me, i broke up with my first love. The relationship lasted for 5 years till the day we went different way. I've devastated and torn. That's when Ah Yee became close to me. She stay in with me in my house for sometime to cheer me up. That's how we became the bestest of friends ...

And ... Ai Lan
Along the way came Ai Lan. She's one of Ah Yee's Hi-Bye friends that she spontaneously introduce to me during one of our usual weekend girls night out. Ai Lan always hang out at our favorite chill out spot, and she eventually became very close to us. After some time, we became best friends and the girls night out are no longer a pair of 2. It became a group of 6. *including me there's still 3 absent in this blog coz they didn't come down to kl. Will post their story up in the upcoming blog i promise* =) Ai Lan works in a hair salon nearby  my beauty salon & tattoo parlour in Kuantan Parade so every now and then i'll ta pao some makan makan to her salon and makan together while i get my hair done =) OOooOooOoo ... i love the way she works the magic =)

Well, this is me. And that's my baby in his new Baby Dior latest Spring/Summer 2010 Collection that costs me RM700++ buck *crazy* It's like a little cool sailor suit. So cute =) love it ~ It looks cuter in him wearing it =) Teehee.

There we are ... the three musketeers *muacks* Happily holding on to each other ... OooOoOooOoo ... I love my girls so much ...

Thanks for being just, you my dears ... You girls are my sunshine. And they're the reasons i love girls so much ... At least, i believe in girl-girl best of friends. Now, who says girls cant be good to another girl ? Prove u wrong !!! Teehee.

Have a great week ahead my dear friends. I'll holla back tomorrow. Drink more water and take care ya.

Love Always ... Leng Yein


~sPidEr~ said...

is good to have a best frenz that you can share ur things,
is not easy to tell someone da happy,sad,mad feeling deep in ur heart..but somehow,ur frenz can give u opinion when u r out of ur mind..
i'm glad that i also have mine best frenz in my heart, they listen my sad story when i cry out loud. they share my joy when i find my hapiness.

Anonymous said...

Waa :'(you all forgot bout me already... Not call me at all want hang out.Dear what bout my birthday present lo... Waa:'( very happy you all wuhu....~baby

Elicesa victoria cheong said...

Very miss you all lo muacksss.. .

Anonymous said...

aww.. i want to be your bestie too .. LOL

Leng Yein said...

Baby : That day we all talk about u r in kl, but dare not call u coz i told them u busy coz u never call in kl so i dare not call oh =~~~~~~~~( we summore guess guess what u r doin tim ... hehehe

sNoOpY said...

i wish i were 1 of ur besties...hehe...from the pic, i can see how big ur room is...envy ler...

Leng Yein said...

snoopy : Big no use ah, i stay alone my whole room use oni for fb oni ... aih ~ now at least got blog oledi got u all teman me lah ...

Rachel J said...

Hi Leng Yein, first time dropping you message, actually I dreamed of you today noon when my nap time, don't know why, hehe..
Nice to meet you~
Take care~

Baby Elicesa victoria cheong said...

Its ok la my dear not my luck...:'(very miss also know I will do anything for you as whatever I can do for you dear.... Love you...

Leng Yein said...

Rachel : Then i think i must organise a gathering and we meet up n chat chat oh ~ Baby Little Dinosaur oso wanna meet u neh =) hehe

Leng Yein said...

Baby : Of course i know ... we're besties =) And u and Ai Lin is the most mature ones =) i love u baby =)

Rachel J said...

My pleasure~
All the best to you, and to Baby Little Dinosaur..=)

Shumaine said...

i also wish can join ur fren's party , that world be super nice !!!It's nice to hang out wif besties for jalan-jalan n makan-makan but ever since i go overseas it' hard for me to have chance to gather wif my besties

Leng Yein said...

Rachel J : Baby love u =) hehe

Leng Yein said...

Shumaine : When u come back, i think ur besties miss u until they pengsan liao

Anonymous said...

I also want to b ur besties too. T.T Nowadays is really hard to get a besties good and pretty like u. Anyway.. 92 meet u :)

Anonymous said...

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