Friday, June 04, 2010

My favoutire 'zhu ga choi' in Malaysia

I dont usually eat 'dai chao' but that's 1 particular restaurant that i just love every single dishes they cook. It's located in Paramount. Name's Kedai Kopi Ping Wah but it is not really a kopitiam now. It's there for generations and now the son Joe is taking over his family's business.

Shop lot no.31, located right beside the huge GIANT hypermarket. U should go and try their food one day. They usually close around 10pm *hint*

This is some of the 'choi dan' ... *drool*

They're on the newspaper too =) Wow !

I always order 'xuet cha'

One 'Oi Sam Leng Tong' =)

One 'Giong Chung Chicken'

One 'Jin Fish'

My favourite *U must try this* Potato *damn nice loh*

Any vegetables of the day =) coz all taste so good

Hehehe ~ Poor fishy ...

Even baby Little Dinosaur says good *thumbs up* Teehee =)

Go look for Joe. He'll tell you what's good *everything is good ~ Oh ! So delicious *drooooollllll* Oh, and the boss is a very very nice person too =) Hehe

See ? I got u another place to makan if u dont know where to go next time =) Easy to find the place oso. =)


Shumaine said...

Once i back to MSia, will straight go n try out ^^

Leng Yein said...

Shumaine : If u come back call me. Me bring u go makan all my favourite place *drooolllll*

Shumaine said...

Sweeetie,deal.. , tis time go back sure call u go makan , k =) HOpe u have time ,last time missed ur birthday party d hope tis time can make it ^^

Leng Yein said...

Shumaine : ya .. ya ~ hehe

Anonymous said...

Nearby Where Leng Yein ?? Can u let me know ???

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