Friday, June 04, 2010

A bet on her ...

There's always a choice in life. To take, or not to take, and which to take. Different choices leads to different results, and different results gives different impacts on someone's life. Today, the choice is yours ?

There's an interview debate going on between a lady and a guy.

They were given two choice :
Choice One - A girl who has the brain + normal beauty
Choice Two - A girl who has no brain but does have a perfect devilish sexy body n angelic face

Two guys were to be studied on this table of choice :
Guy 1 chooses Choice One - A guy who's looking forward to finding that someone to spend a lifetime with
Guy 2 chooses Choice Two - A guy who go for short period of joy

Question for you - Which pair do u think will make it till the end of time ? Who will die without feeling he'd been lack in his life, and who will be so lucky to have die with his girlfriend - Ms.AIDs ? Anyone ? Oh yes , the lovely lady over there …

Lady : Pair one ~!

Emcee : Why is that ?

Lady : Bcoz both pair one has inner beauty and brain and beauty at the same time while pair two however are just plain materialistic n realistic one , but the did hell make a good pair ~!
Man : Hey , i'd say it’s definitely pair two. Coz we'll never know when we’re gonna die , so why not die with someone with better looking ? And when i bring her out , i oso ‘got face’ abit mah ! My friends will envy how i can ‘kau tim’ such a pretty girl, they'll think i sure very 'dim' one. And the 'bubble gum' is sold all over 711 lah , wont die de ~!

Lady : But most pretty girls only knows how to spend money and duno how to work woh ?
Man : I got work ge mah. Nam Yan spend money on Lui Yan tin gong dei dou lah ! All she needs to do is to sit home , keep herself pretty n sexy , wait for me to come home , never nag me , listen to what i say , and follow what i sa. That'll do.

Lady : *Thinking* ( Wow ! That's easy. A chihuahua could do all that) @_@ But pretty girls wont follow what u say de woh. Psychologically they think they can possibly get everything their way.
Man : Who cares, im the one giving her money, who is she in position of giving a voice out when i am the mai fan ban zhuu ? She'll have to listen to what i say, if not i’ll get her out for good when she dont.

Lady : There’s no eternal beauty. One day when she’s pregnant with yours and gave birth, one day when she grow older she wont look pretty also. By that time takkan u chuck her by the roadside meh ?
Man : It’s non of your business, by that time sai gai mutt yatt oledi loh. How i know what happen. I think by that time i have the money to get another one lah. She sits home do whatever she want lah, go yum cha with her friends or what. This is life loh. Everybody does that now lah come on, it's normal. She have to take care of the kids. It's a mother's job.

Lady : You’ll never get happiness then if u behave n think like this. U will never settle down for a good one.
Man : Hey,woman, dont u dare to tell me what i know and what i dont. This is all a game. Im smart enough to know she's with me because of my money. There’s no true love from the start either. This is life. Who cares how many lady i have when she’s old> She has no right at all to sound me. I've done my job. It’s my money n its my life she's after and she got it. By then she can go out with other guys, i dont care. Life's short. We will have our own circle .

Lady : Then y u wanna get married then ?
Man : Well, we get along well. Getting marry is part of everyone's life so i guess i did the same. She’s so pretty that time, if i dont sign her in she might end up with another man like me anyway. And even if i had marry her, i still can have my own sweet life. She has no say whatsoever. She cant live without me anyway. But if she doesnt like the way i live my life, then leave. Why stay ? Believe me , she wont~! Even if i slap her , she dare not even sound abit. She’s  nothing without me. She has no brain to think n lazy to work ever since the day i met her. All she have is her beauty,and without it, she’s worthless ~ But im still a happy man although i chose pair 2 , coz im still happy as long as my cash flows. Hanging out with different girls everynight is just one of the phase in life depending on how u see it. It's not my whole life. Just a small part so why worry so much.

Lady : But if one day u’re broke, old and useless, u dont have anyone beside u to take care of u , loving n care for u , how would u feel then ?
Man : Im rich , i’ll never be broke , NEVER ~! I cant be broke , i cant ~! Never.

Lady : I still stand for pair one . Coz both of them will work hard , take care of each other , having to plan their lives and do everything together. Building their family up bit by bit and looking forward to spending the very last minute of their breath together. Who knows , someday , when both of them had made their way tru , they can be richer than what u are now . And the girl can use that amount of money to be as pretty as your lady at hom. Plastic surgery and the modern world can do wonders u know ?

Man : But …

Lady : Money is important , and outer beauty is not . Coz money can buy beauty, but beauty cant buy money . Beauty can let someone earn some fast money i agree with that in a way, but that's just for a short period of time. When everything starts to fade, beauty will be long gone too. But money , they’ll never fade. Money can buy you beauty for as long as u want … But money cant buy u true happiness from the heart n buy u a never ending lifespan. Money cant extend your life. when u die, u'll have to just, die. Money attracts everyone of us  But beauty doesnt ~ at least not to me.
Man : I agree with that . If i would to choose a bag of money and a sexy lady , i want the money , coz i can get 100 times sexy lady with that. Hahaha ~

Lady : Aiyoh , u use money to get lady ~! Aiyoh , my god ! U will never get what i mean ha.
Man : A-but-then ? If i pok kai no girls would want me lah. Face the fact ! This is the real world, woman.

Lady : It is so not true. If u say like that then poor guy never get married meh ?
Man : Err ……….

Lady : Then poor people de wife is definitely ugly de meh ?
Man : Err ……….

Lady : Pretty girls are not stupid . They see more man in life than others do. They too, like u guys, know who love them and who love just their beauty. Just like u guys know who love you n who love your money .

Man : But no money no girls la. Im telling the truth.
Lady : So does it mean that not pretty no fren ?

Man : No lah … but …
Lady : See ? Speechless . Anything can happen and anything could happen , anytime , any second , anywhere in the world . Miracles DO happens . Pretty girl can end up marrying a beggar, never read that ? Never read an old man marrying a sexy lady even he’s poor ? It’s on the paper lah , always have the similar story every year .

Man : But …
Lady : Bill Gates’s house is as big as an island , but why does he only has a wife n only love his wife n never had any rumours about him fooling around with girls ? IF anyone in the world to have that very chance to have all the most beautiful woman in the world to be with, he’ll definitely be the top 10 choice. But y didnt he ?

Man : Coz he’s a good man loh …. but ….
Lady : And we lady respect good man , n we cherish good man , and we always love good man …… long live good man ~!

Emcee : Ehem .. *cough* … Excuse me you two. Can you pass me back the mic please ~!

Now, which will be your choice ? A bet on promise of happiness tru hard work ? Or the pride, joy and fame ?

Think about it. We are not stupid in every way. Both girls n guys. We always know what we want in life and that's why there were things that we're going after everyday in our life.

But, what are you actually searching for ...


Meitzeu said...

Leng yein,
I like these entry!!

InFiNiTy^bAbY said...

i love this~~!!!! ^-^ keep it up...^-^ that guy is a jerk..haha

283 ^♥^ said...

im lost..but nt abt relation lar..
is abt my future..
i duno wat i wan, wat i should to do..

Li said...

What a shallow idiot that guy is >.<

Turquoise said...

Babe LY, how I wish I had a guy who likes me for whom I am, not juz go for looks only.

If ever my belly's flat, that will be nice thou.

Hmm..anw, I love this entry. Very true.

Mag ♥ said...

Thanks for writing this kind of article here to share with everybody & tell everybody what's happening in this world. I fully agreed with u and I had this kind of conversation with my friends as well. Lot of ppl dunno and don't care inner beauty. Handsome guys & pretty girls, time to wake up lo :)

Jeff said...

I like that story and all the points you made.

Leng Yein said...

Meitzeu : Thanks my dear ~ hehe

Leng Yein said...

InFiNiTy^bAbY : Alot of girls and guys with this thoughts around actually ..

Leng Yein said...

283 ^♥^ : Take time and think it tru before deciding ... but dont take too long oh ~ qing chun doesn't actually last that long

Leng Yein said...

Li : =)

Leng Yein said...

Turquoise : =) thanks girl =)

Leng Yein said...

Mag ♥ : True ... alot of ppl think like that ... agree

Leng Yein said...

Jeff : Thanks man =)

Vincent Leong said...

search your heart, search your soul.
Be truthful and you will find it.
Wise Leng Yein

plastic surgery said...

Meitzeu :Thanks my dear ~ funny :)

Anonymous said...

someone to spend my lifetime with

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