Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby's Medical Check-up

Flew Baby to Singapore for his 3rd medical check-up. Stayed in Mandarin Oriental this time.

Poor baby ... Knowing they're gonna cut him open soon really tears me apart ...
And Baby is like, a baby =) He's still jumping about and BeeBee is enjoying himself too =)
'Happiness' ... *smile*

 Every single time i flew there for this, i just cant help myself. I just, cry and cry and cry.
Gosh ~ Like a baby girl or something. My heart aches .... So painful ...

Beebee is a very good boy .... He will never leave his master alone.
He had always been there for his master =)
Beebee so good boy =)

See ? Beebee so happy knowing his master is alright now ... BeeBee good boy =)

Baby Little Dinosaur having his clean up bath =)
Gosh ~ Glad everything is over and done. *heart pain*

Everything is over now baby ... poor baby ... Mommy sayang ... =~~~( So painful u know ?

=) This is Build-A-Bear =)

Got baby a whole 'Dinosaur' Collection =)
Hehe =) Cute mah ? Got napkin somemore =)

~ Baby Dino ~ He's famous !!!

Beebee got Dragon fruit for lunch =) BeeBee good boy =)

And baby ordered 2 fruit juice for BeeBee to drink =) Baby very very sayang BeeBee oh ~

Bought baby and BeeBee ice cream roti ~ WeeeEee ~ They love ice creams =)

Supper time =)


Shumaine said...

I love BeeBee , where can buy BeeBee ar?Can get in KL ?Or must go Sg to get it?? =)

283 ^♥^ said...

wa oso sum tong when saw baby Dino like tat ='(
hopefully he will recover fast fast soon..jiayou~Dino..
the dinasour geh t-shirt and the jaket super cute!! *.*

*_* `|mÐèvïL±° said...

omg! naked face wei ! din put any make up you oso dare to upload now ? phew. u are no longer u ! :P

Anonymous said...

Er... Leng Yein: Are you mentally ok? It's worrying to see you treat the doll as a real thing...

Buunnyy said...

Leng Yein, i also have a baby panda like ur little dino.... It has been with me for 2 years and a half, i'm currently in sydney.... my sister know i love my baby panda a lot and she told me that build a bear can repair stuffing and help us clean our babies.... will they accept old toys like mine? wondering if they will spoil it or not, or else i gonna sam tung sei lur.... =(

weiss said...

hi Leng yein may i know where i can buy lovely Dino? i wanted so much for my little princess but dunno where to get it...i have brain tumour so i cant travel around to find Little Dino..hope you can understand my situation n let me know or email to my gmail ok...thanks!

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