Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4D3N in Bangkok With Mei Zi

Happy Girls trip to Bangkok =)

Forget about Tuk Tuks ... Try the motorcycle  ~ FUN !!!

Tips : Buy a shopping bag and throw everything in it. Easy and convenient.

Mommy's favourite - Kuey Chap ~ Hehehe =) 
Everytime mommy comes here, mommy have to eat at least twice only she'll fly back Malaysia

Ciggi break =)

Gosh ~ No more Tuk tuks for me ... Motorcycle is the 'IN' thing !
They get you from one spot to another faster than all the land transport. And it's cheap ~

Platinum Mall - ''MUST GO'' !!

Tuk Tuk. Hmm ... everybody seemed to be so obsessed with it. For first timers, You should try at least few times. I travelled to Bangkok more than 10 times and sat more than 30 times, it's just so-so. The bad thing is, *sigh* u have to really know how to negotiate the price with them or else u'll ended up paying more than a taxi fare could costs you. As i said, few times is ok. 
Long term ? Nope. Tourists - always got chopped ~

Hmm ... Everyone loves MBK. I only love the food here. Sad to say our Malaysia's own Sg.Wang is way moer better than MBK.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar
If u have nothing to do at night and u prefer last minute shopping, come here. Hehe

After 12am, sad to say that u have to take a cab or tuk tuk back. BTS and MRT will be closed.
NEGOTIATE the price !!! But then again, that's the fun of it. Getting chopped, and getting over it as a tourist =) haha

If u happened to be there on weekends, you have to visit Chatuchak Market.
One of the biggest outdoor market in Asia =)

Flying off from Suvarnabhumi Airport, grab a bite at any thai food restaurant. 
Their Tom Yum Kung taste good there too =)

Organized a Pole Dancing Competition and Mei Zi was my winner. She's a very very friendly girl. And we decided to go for a short trip together =) It was fun. I still can recall the time she dances on stage in RCA, Bangkok. Wow ! Hot !!

For more pictures and traveling infos , go to my Bangkok folders in http://www.facebook.com/lengyein

Have a happy day ahead =)


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